Balkan Cooknotes
Balkan cuisine cookbook series:
Book one: Bulgarian vegetarian dishes in recipes and comments
Book two: The cuisine of Northern Greece in recipes and tales
The "Balkan Cooknotes" books are a journey through the culinary legacy of the Balkans.
This is the first and the second volume of three planned about the traditional cook art of people, who
call themselves Balkanians only in company of such, and will never admit, that a traditional dish
from one Balkan country can be also part the national cuisine of the neighbour country..."there is
always a little difference."
The first book - Bulgarian Vegetarian Dishes in Recipes and Comments -
presents the Bulgarian point of view on the vegetarian dishes of the Balkan cuisine. The second - the cuisine of Northern Greece: Macedonia, Thrace and Epirus.
Describing carefully all those little differences in the common recipes of the Balkan nations, the author takes a try to define the traditional cooking in the Balkans by searching for the origins of every presented dish in a historical and cultural context.
The book contents various legends, tales, ethnografic facts, historical notes and customs.
Every book presents 60 classic recipes, 30 photographs of selected ready dishes, handmade illustrations and a lot of historical photographs of the selected Balkan region.

Every book is sold in limited editions: with audio cd ( authentic Bulgarian and Greek folklore) or with framed graphics.

Idea, design and illustrations by Simeon Genew.
Text by: Iliana Genew Puhalewa.
(dishes): book one - Paweł Jaroszewski, book two: F4 Studio.
Set design: Simeon Genew
Additional photographs (outdoor) by Simeon Genew.

Published by: Atropos Publishing House 2006 -2010

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