Audio CD designs
Two CD designs for POLYPHONON Records, Thessaloniki, Greece.
1. "Empirotechnes" -  beautiful compilation of authentic greek folklore musicians, singers and bands from Northern Greece
2. "Graikoi" -  another authentic greek folklore band from Norther Greece.
1. Empirotechnes CD
Copyright © 2009 by POLYPHONON. All rights reserved.

A few words about the name of the group:

We chose the name “Empirotechnes” (self-educated musicians) to call ourselves, agroup of musicians from Drama, Greece. We had no other option butto use this term, since it is widely accepted that everyone who attempts toexpress their music without a partiture is a self-educated musician. In anycase, our approach of the art (techni)of Eastern music could not be other than empirical,but, although the vastness of this musical tradition cannot be inscribed in apartiture, even a self-educated musician can experience its magic.

Climbing on themountain-slopes of Pangeon, covertly roaming the regions of Thrace and faintly perceiving thefaraway sounds of Eastern amanedes, it getsseduced by the intoxicating intimacy of sounds and colours. It was this feelingof communion that urged us, “Empirotechnes”from Drama, to record these songs, as if we were trying to savour the mind’sjourney. While we may have walked along old paths, it is with a perception ofthe present that we have sensed their charm. Many friends and excellentmusicians have accompanied us in our journey, and we cordially thank them.


2. Graikoi CD

Another fantastic band - authentic, simple and pure greek folklore from Northern Greece.The band wanted a booklet included and I had to make also the logo of the band, witch is based upon an old coin picture. The logo is showing the sacred Oak  tree of the sanctuary of Dodoni (Epirus, Greece),  the oldest of the Greek oracles. The priests gathered under the sacred Oak tree and listened to the sound of the leaves as they shivered in the breeze and glimpsed at the future.

All design and illustrations by Simeon Genew.
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